Excellence in Design

When it comes to the excellence of design and aesthetics, there are no higher standards than in the beauty industry. We have worked with worldwide pioneers and market leaders of beauty for years, designing apps, films, presentations and products that capture the image of elegant perfection that our clients stand for.

Digital Engineering

To meet the rising expectations of consumers, we are not looking for the easy solution but for the right one. With their scientific background, our digital engineers develop innovative tailored technologies for clients that want to be the decisive step ahead.

User Experience Architecture

Telling stories in the most simplistic and absorbing manner is at the heart of what we do. With our unique fusion of high-tech expertise and consumer insights, we create beautiful, functional interfaces for memorable user experiences.


Since we work with globally operating clients, many of our products are designed to be used on an international scale. Assisting our clients in the managerial side of the internationalisation process through advice and dedicated exclusive internationalisation tools, we have rolled out our apps and movies in more than a dozen countries, serving major markets such as China and Russia.

Movies for products and innovations

Stunning 3D animations visualise latest hair technology. Movies made of emotional footage, expressive music and vibrant typography elate team members and distributors. Product demonstrations provide true value to the target audience. Our movies and interactive experiences are integrated solutions aimed at presenting products and services in the most impactful way. We achieve this by applying the entire spectrum of film production, animation and programming.